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HP Introduces M220 Series Access Point to Simplify SMB Network Management

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 19 Dec 2012, 5:05pm

HP Introduces M220 Series Access Point to Simplify SMB Network Management

As SMBs and government agencies continue to utilize mobile devices, the workforce continues to grow more mobile and require access to rich media applications like videoconferencing. Despite that, SMBs with limited financial and human resources may find it hard to setup a proper network in their workplace.

Raymond Ooi, Country Manager, HP Networking Enterprise Group

To answer this growing trend, HP had introduced its new M220 Series Access Point, which is part of its FlexNetwork architecture that aims to simplify network management and maintenance for growing SMB organizations by centralizing and automating their office network.

As the demand for network access by mobile devices increases, the number of access points also expands. Managing multiple access points manually becomes time-consuming, error- rone and complex.

Large enterprises typically resolve these challenges with a wireless local area network (WLAN) controller. However, for smaller organizations, this approach can be too costly or complex to manage. The HP M220 solves this problem with 'clustering' technology that enables SMBs to deploy and manage up to 10 network access points as a single entity, rather than a series of separate wireless devices.

The HP M220 includes a Quick Setup Wizard that leverages an easy-to-use web interface to streamline multiple access point configuration. It provides five deployment scenarios, allowing clients to select the best wireless network environment for their company.

With the HP M220 Series' Access Point, users are able to experience increased productivity of mobile users with more streamlined wireless connection and maintenance; as well as improved security that detects and eliminates rogue access point.

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