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HP Continues to Improve the Cloud

By Jeremy Cheong - on 7 Aug 2012, 4:37pm

HP Continues to Improve the Cloud

Chew Kai Peng, Country Manager, HP Software, HP Malaysia shared just how HP's new offerings will help improve the Cloud and benefit those who rely on it

Day by day, we see the Cloud improve immensely in terms of services. Thanks to companies such as HP, things can only go forward as HP has just introduced new offerings that improve visibility into the relationship between software and physical, virtual and cloud IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to reduce complexity and take control of their IT processes and services.

On August 3, HP showcased the new HP Configuration Management System (CMS) 10, which is a key component in the HP IT Performance Suite and includes new HP Universal Discovery software, which offers automated discovery capabilities to support the deployment and management of physical, virtual and cloud projects. Besides that, the automated discovery capabilities enable clients to reduce costs and risks associated with service disruptions, as well as decrease the time spent on manual discovery by more than 50 percent. In addition to this, HP CMS clients have recently seen an increase in speed of projects completed.

“Service disruptions within complex cloud and virtualized environments are difficult to identify and resolve. With the new enhancements to HP Configuration Management System, IT executives now have the configuration intelligence they need at their fingertips to make rapid decisions to ensure consistent business service availability,” said Chew Kai Peng, Country Manager, HP Software, HP Malaysia.

Besides what we mentioned above, HP CMS 10 also enables enterprises, governments and managed service providers to:

  • Save time by quickly discovering software and hardware inventory, as well as associated dependencies, in a single unified discovery solution;
  • Speed time to value with a simplified user interface and enhanced scalability, allowing IT teams to consume and use rich intelligence hosted in the HP CMS;
  • More easily manage multiple clients environments within a single HP Universal Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with improved security, automation and scalability;
  • Save money by automatically locating and cataloging new technologies related to network hardware, open-source middleware, storage, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and infrastructure software providers; and
  • Minimize application failure risks as a result of poorly constructed server clusters by introducing new server compliance thresholds

Finally, HP CMS 10 also introduces capabilities specifically for service life cycle design and IT operations within both HP Business Service Management and HP IT Service Management. It includes the new HP Universal Discovery offering as well as Content Pack 11, HP Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB), HP UCMDB Configuration Manager and HP UCMDB Browser.

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