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How to avoid purchasing a stolen iPhone or iPad

By Michael Low - on 3 Oct 2014, 10:34am

How to avoid purchasing a stolen iPhone or iPad lets you check the Activation Lock status of any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (running iOS 7 or later).

Whether you're shopping online for a pre-owned iPhone or buying an iPad from an acquaintance, it's always wise to check first if they're stolen property. Starting with iOS 7, Apple introduced the Activation Lock feature that prevents unauthorized access to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the event they're lost or stolen. Now, the company's website offers a quick and easy way to find out whether Activation Lock is enabled on such devices.

By entering the iOS device's serial number or IMEI number, you'll find out if it's locked or underwent factory reset. For the former, you'll have to get the rightful owner to disable the Find My iPhone feature, sign out of iCloud, and for good measure, erase all content and settings.

This is what you'll see if the device still has Activation Lock turned on.

Source: The Verge.