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Here's what AMD has in store for the first quarter of 2016

By Bryan Chan - on 2 Feb 2016, 10:01pm

Here's what AMD has in store for the first quarter of 2016

Recently, we had the opportunity to join AMD for a conference call, where the company updated us with the latest news from their side.

Motherboards with Socket AM3+ and FM2+
The first piece of news is that there's now a bunch of motherboards based on the socket AM3+ and FM2+ hitting the market. They're listed below. What's new is that they're equipped with USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type A and C, in addition to having M.2 SATA SSD connectors.

The Wraith Cooler
We've actually reported on this last month. The Wraith Cooler runs at 39dbA, has 24 percent more cooling surface area, and has 34 percent better air flow. It will debut with the AMD FX 8370, and will come with new packaging to differentiate itself from older versions of the same CPU.

New 95W Quiet Thermal Solution
AMD announced that a number of its existing processing solutions will be packed with a new 95W cooler. While not as powerful in terms of cooling performance as the Wraith Cooler, this cooler is just as silent. This new cooler will come with the Athlon X4 870K and X4 860K, as well as the A8-7670K and A8-7650K. In addition, it will also be bundled with the new A10-7860K and Athlon X4 845.

A10-7860K “Godavari”
The A10-7860K is best described as the entry-level option among the high-end A10 APUs. It has four CPU cores and eight GPU cores that are clocked at 757MHz, and has a TDP of 65W. This means that there's lots of overclocking headroom, considering it'll ship with the new 95W cooler mentioned above.

For those who are on a tighter budget, the A6-7470K is likely to be a better option. It has four GPU cores and two CPU cores. Both the A10-7860K and A6-7470K have CPU cores with a maximum turbo speed of 4GHz, but the GPU cores on the A6-7470K are clocked at 800MHz.

Athlon X4 845
The final specifications of the Athlon X4 845 are yet to be confirmed, but we do know that it has a maximum turbo speed of 3.8GHz, has a TDP of 65W, and will ship with the 95W Quiet Thermal Solution.

The performance of the A10-7860K is sufficient for casual gaming.

AMD Socket AM4
Last but not least, AMD also confirmed that its next generation CPU and APUs, 'Summit Ridge' and 'Bristol Ridge', will be compatible with a new socket called socket AM4. As a recap, AMD's new AM4 socket was made in preparation of their upcoming (and yet to be released) Zen architecture.

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