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Gigabyte hosts event for media and partners, showcases its Intel motherboards

By John Law - on 13 Jun 2017, 11:20pm

Gigabyte hosts event for media and partners, showcases its Intel motherboards

Earlier this evening, Gigabyte hosted several of its partners and members of the media to a casual meet-up, where the company also showcased several of its motherboards that are based both on Intel’s Z270X and X299 chipset.

From L-R: The AORUS Z270X-Gaming K5, the Z270X-Gaming 7, and the Gigabyte Z270X-Ultra Gaming.

Many of the Z270X motherboards that were on display were models that were launched earlier in the year, several months after the launch of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors last year.

One of the AORUS Z270X Gaming motherboards that we saw at the event was the AORUS Z270X-Gaming 9, the company’s most luxurious motherboard of the range, as well as one of Gigabyte’s motherboards that supports Intel’s Optane Memory. Should you wish to learn about its performance, you can read our in-depth review of the motherboard that we wrote earlier in the year. Besides the AORUS Z270X-Gaming 9, Gigabyte also had its AORUX Z270X-Gaming 7 and Z270X-Gaming 5 motherboards on display at the event.

Gigabyte also had its X299 AORUS motherboards on display at the event. Seen here are the X299 AORUS Gaming 7, the X299 AORUS Gaming 9, and X299 AORUS Gaming 3.

Gigabyte also showcased several of its new X299 AORUS motherboards lineup that were designed to support Intel’s new family of Core X processors. Featuring a new LGA 2066 layout, the company’s new X299 AORUS motherboards also comes with an array of new features, such as the new Scout Radar (part of its SoundBlasterX 720˚ software), a new Killer xTend PCIe LAN card, as well as support for Intel’s Optane Memory.

We’ve already covered the launch of the X299 AORUS motherboards in an earlier article during COMPUTEX 2017, so you can read more about the motherboards in details there.

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