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The full version of Photoshop is coming to your iPad

By Marcus Wong - on 16 Oct 2018, 4:49am

The full version of Photoshop is coming to your iPad

There's a new look to the Photoshop for iPad.

Adobe’s next Photoshop CC release is going to truly turn the iPad Pro into a “pro” device. The next version of Photoshop CC – Photoshop CC for the iPad is going to allow you to open and edit PSD files on your iPad, and use the same filters and tools you’d use on the desktop version. Adobe says Photoshop on iPad will share the same base code as its desktop counterpart, so there will be no compromises.

You will still have full access to layers and blending modes.

Thanks to the improved power found in today’s iPad Pro tablets, there will be full support for layers and layer effects, but with a revamped context-aware user interface that takes advantage of touch gestures to speed up your workflow. As you can see in the screenshot below, multiple layers are supported, and the toolbar offers support for all your main tools so you can work on your iPad just as you would on your desktop, with everything synced through the Cloud so you can move from one device to another.

A new condensed layer view shows you just one main image of each layer.

Speaking of which, Photoshop CC for the iPad will come built-in support for Adobe Stock, so you can easily bring in assets to work with. Pricing and specific availability information for Photoshop CC for the iPad has yet to be released, but we expect it to be available by the end of next year.