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FUJIFILM's instax SQUARE SQ10 breathes new life into the instax line

By Bryan Chan & Marcus Wong - on 25 Apr 2017, 10:31am

FUJIFILM's instax SQUARE SQ10 breathes new life into the instax line

FUJIFILM's instax cameras have always been big hits, and the company has kept with the times by making them selfie friendly, and adding different backgrounds to their films. Well, now they’ve taken it up another level by allowing you to easily add Instagram-like filters to your prints.

How so? Well, the new instax SQUARE SQ10 combines camera with printer, so every image gets stored to either the internal memory (which stores about 50 images) or to a microSD/microSDHC card. This means you can then apply any of the 10 photo filter options before printing it out.

Left hand or right hand? With a shutter button on each side of the lens, either one will work.

There’s also the options of vignette control and brightness adjustments in-camera, thus giving you added control over the final exposure. The last 50 images you took will be stored in the internal memory, so you can easily make reprints with different effects.

The SQ10’s square design places the lens right in the center of the camera with two shutter buttons on either side of the lens, thus ensuring that you can always get a comfortable grip of the camera. Left hand, right hand or in reverse for selfies, the SQ10’s dual shutter system ensures that hitting the shutter is always comfortable.

Sounds like a contradiction, but now you can review your Instax shots before you print them.

A circle of control buttons and a rear dial underneath the LCD on the back of the camera allow for easy one touch entry to the various menus. And features like Double exposure, Bulb mode, and Thumbnail print mode give you greater options for creative expression.

Not much is said about the resolution of the ¼” CMOS image sensor, but you’ll get images that are 1,920 x 1,920 with a sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 1,600. The camera comes with a 28.5mm (35mm equivalent) f/2.4 lens that focuses down to 10cm, and supports a range of shutter speeds from 1/29,500s to 1/2s (Auto) with the maximum exposure capped at 10s in Bulb mode.

It also uses FUJIFILM’s instax SQUARE film, which has a film size of 86 x 72 mm, and an image size of 62 x 62 mm. See it in action in the video below!

The instax SQUARE SQ10 Hybrid will arrive in Singapore in May, with a retail price of $499 (~RM1,571). Local pricing and availability remain to be confirmed.

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