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FUJIFILM Announces X100 Teleconverter and XT-1 Accessory Set

By Michael Low & Marcus Wong - on 17 Apr 2014, 3:05pm

FUJIFILM Announces X100 Teleconverter and XT-1 Accessory Set

 FUJIFILM has just announced a follow-up to the WCL-X100 conversion lens for the X100 and X100S cameras, as well as a range of accessories for the X-T1 to improve handling.

The new TCL-X100 lens offers a 50mm view point (35mm equivalent).

The TCL-X100 increases the fixed focal length of the X100 and X100S by about 1.4x, taking them from 23mm (35mm in 35mm equivalent) to 33mm (50mm in 35mm equivalent). This offers for more versatility in your photography, and FUJIFILM promises no loss in quality as they’ve designed the lens to deliver high image quality even at wide apertures like F2.0.

High image quality even at F2.0.

Optical excellence in the TCL-X100 comes from its four premium glass elements – all treated with Fujinon’s Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) process – that keep aberrations like ghosting and lens flare to a minimum. Together with the earlier WCL-X100 wide-conversion lens, X100 users now have options to go from extra wide (28mm in 35mm equivalent), to a “normal” field of view (50mm in 35mm equivalent) with two small lenses. (The TCL-X100 weighs about 180g, and measures 70mm X 46.5mm, while the WCL-X100 measures 55mm X 37mm, and weighs about 150g.)


FUJIFILM's new accessories are meant to offer better handling.

To enhance the user experience on the X-T1, two new handgrips, a grip strap (GB-001), an extended eyecup (EC-XT1), and a cover kit (CVR-XT) have been announced. The XT-1 handgrips come in two sizes, (MHG-XT Large and MHG-XT Small) and have an aluminum base plate for robustness. Access to the battery/memory card slot is left unobstructed, and there’s 8mm of clearance from the camera body’s base to prevent interference when using it with a tripod head.

Prices and availability to be advised.

The GB-001 Grip Strap works in conjunction with your camera's shoulder strap.

The EC-XT1 (extended eyecup) offer better shading from external light when you use the viewfinder.

The CVR-XT is a set of covers for your sync terminal, hot shoe, and battery grip.

The MHG-XT Large offers a firm grip but doesn't block with the battery/memory card slot or tripod operability.

Like the MHG-XT Large, the MHG-XT Small features an aluminium base plate for robustness.