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Free Wi-Fi Service for China's Capital City

By Daniel Goh - on 4 Nov 2011, 11:59am

Free Wi-Fi Service for China’s Capital City

By the end of this month, approximately 60 percent of Beijing will have free wireless connectivity through the ‘My Beijing’ wireless network.

This pilot program is backed by three of the country’s largest telecom companies: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, and will provide the people of Beijing a 2Mbps broadband Wi-Fi across 90,000 access points within the city.

For the first three years, this service will be free to use and later on, the Chinese government may change the model and begin charging individual users or businesses for access.

The implementation of this service is not so much a ‘good deed’ by the China Government but rather it represents a way for the government to implement internet surveillance on the users.

TechCrunch - However, according to a report by China Daily, an employee in the Beijing branch of the China Mobile Communications Corp (one of the telecoms backing the WiFi network) said that the requirement of inputting a mobile number to log on will “help trace those whose online activity might endanger social security”.

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