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Fossil just released the Android Wear smartwatch, Q Founder

By Ian Chee & Koh Wanzi - on 22 Oct 2015, 3:30pm

Fossil just released the Android Wear smartwatch, Q Founder

The Fossil Q Founder runs Android Wear and is powered by Intel hardware. (Image Source: Digital Trends)

Fossil made its name as a traditional watchmaker, but it is also eager to break into the smartwatch market. At the Intel Developer Forum 2015 in August, Fossil teased its upcoming range of smartwatches to feature Intel hardware and Android Wear. Now, the company has finally unveiled the new Fossil Q line, comprising a total of four watches.

However, only one of these watches can actually be considered a smartwatch. The Fossil Q Founder is the flagship model and the sole smartwatch, packing an Intel chip, Android Wear, and a full touchscreen display. With a starting price of US$275 (approx. RM1,179), it’s actually a little more affordable than the majority of Android Wear watches, including the new Moto 360 which costs US$300 (approx. RM1,287) for the cheapest model.

The other three Q-line watches are regular analog timepieces with electronics integrated into their bands that allow them to function as fitness trackers. In case you’re wondering, the Q series draws inspiration from the word “cue”. According to Fossil, it hopes that its new watches will cue its customers to be more curious and active.

The bracelet-like Q Reveler and Q Dreamer are the cheapest of the lot and will cost just US$125 (approx. RM536). They are both capable of tracking the distance of your run and sending you app and contact notifications via a small vibration motor or LED indicators. The two differ mainly in terms of style options – the Q Reveler is for men, while the Q Dreamer comes with more strap and watch face options and is targeted at women. 

The Fossil Q Reveler is available with either a black watch face and black band, or silver watch face and brown band. (Image Source: Digital Trends)

While the Q Reveler has just two strap options (leather or silicone) and two style choices, the Q Dreamer will come in either silver or gold with eight different strap options.

Finally there is the Q Grant, an unassuming watch which really looks quite ordinary. However, it can sync with your smartphone, track your fitness, and alert you to select emails, texts, and phone calls. You can assign individual colors to key contacts, and when they contact you, the watch will nudge you gently and display the corresponding color on LED indicators flanking the watch face.

The Fossil Q Grant has an analog watch face that cannot be customized. (Image Source: Digital Trends)

The Q Grant’s watch face isn’t customizable, which is why we don’t quite consider it a smartwatch. It will be available for between US$175 (approx. RM750) and US$195 (approx. RM836). The entire Q range of watches will work with Fossil's mobile app which connects with popular fitness apps like Google Fit, UP by Jawbone, and Under Armour's UA Record.

The Q Reveler, Q Dreamer, and Q Founder will be available on October 25. Unfortunately, there's no firm release date yet for the Q Founder, but Fossil did say that it will still be in time for the holidays. 

Source: Fossil via Digital Trends