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Fitbit announces new premium guidance and coaching service

By Peter Chu - on 30 Aug 2017, 12:17pm

Fitbit announces new premium guidance and coaching service

Fitbit’s range of wearables are capable of collecting a treasure trove of fitness data, including your heart rate, the amount of calories you’ve burnt, and even the quality of your sleep.

That all sounds great, but to help you make the most out of the numbers and figures, Fitbit decided to launch a new premium guidance and coaching service – one that’s designed to analyze your Fitbit data and activity level to provide you with a custom curriculum of workouts, programs, content, and tools.

One such tool includes the new Fitbit Coach personalized training app, which will be replacing the existing Fitstar Personal Trainer app. It will provide you with unlimited adaptive video workouts that adapts to your progress and feedback, as well as audio coaching sessions designed to improve your endurance, speed, and form.

For those of you who are staunch believers of the phrase “You are what you eat”, Fitbit’s Guided Health Programs will provide the necessary assistance to whip you into shape, courtesy of its four-week program that will help you develop healthy eating habits by recognizing and reducing your sugar intake. There’s also a six-week program that will train new runners to get off the couch and develop the stamina needed to run continuously for 45 minutes.

As you would’ve guessed, Fitbit’s new premium guidance and coaching service comes at a small price. You’ll either have to pay a monthly fee of US$7.99 (~RM34.13), or an annual fee of US$39.99 (~RM170.84).

“This new premium service marks the next chapter for Fitbit – bringing smarter, adaptive and more personalized software experiences to our users that help drive positive health outcomes, thereby creating lifelong Fitbit customers,” said Jon Oakes, Vice President of Product at Fitbit.

Fitbit will officially be launching its coaching services alongside the Fitbit Coach app on Android, iOS, and Windows devices in Fall 2017.

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