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Finally, a 3D body scanner to stay true to your fitness journey

By Caroline Yeung - on 17 Sep 2018, 3:54am

Finally, a 3D body scanner to stay true to your fitness journey

(Image source: Naked Labs)

Some people struggle to find their ideal body shape. Of course, there are others who manage to work out a path to achieve their ideals. They try to guess on possible solutions to tackle certain health/fitness issues but most realize later that the monumental task is to maintain a realistic discipline.

Now there is a new way to lend a helping hand for your fitness journey. Instead of going to a professional lab to have your body analyzed, you can now own a 3D scanner at your home. Imagine having a body scanner that can capture and translate your raw data to enable you to track your health/fitness progress through a mobile app. All you have to do is to stand on a rotating scale and have your body captured 360 degrees by three 3D cameras.

Naked Labs’ 3D body scanner can help anyone who desires evidence-based procedures to monitor their health and fitness process.  The scanner provides detailed statistics to help users stay motivated and accountable for their body management. Naked Labs’ technology allows users to have a visual process to manage their diets, exercise routines by providing an accurate representation of all current body measurements. Such scanning can be repeated at different times to allow users to initiate a monitoring process, perform an objective evaluation, and work towards their goals.

Inside the Naked Labs' 3D body scanner, the Intel RealSense 400-series cameras in conjunction with computer vision processing convert raw data into high 3D resolution images for all iOS and Android device users. Thereafter, the processed data is shared to the cloud and then downloaded onto the mobile app. Aside from visual images, details including body fat percentage, lean and fat mass are also shown on the screen.

Priced at US$1,395, the scanner comes with a rotating weight scale, and a full-body mirror with 3D cameras. Users are required to download the app before anything else as it provides instructions on how to install the body scanner.

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