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Facebook's Messenger app can now be used to hail Uber rides

By Bryan Chan - on 17 Dec 2015, 11:31am

Facebook's Messenger app can now be used to hail Uber rides

Image Source: Forbes

Facebook is truly keeping itself busy this year. First with Project Loon, and then with "M", among other things. The year isn't over just yet, which is why Facebook has announced yet another project it has undertaken. The company has announced that it has teamed up with Uber to enhance the functionality of the Facebook Messenger app. With the partnership in place, you will be able to hail Uber rides, directly from the Messenger app. This service is currently in the testing phase, limiting this service to only select cities in the US. Once more data has been collected, this service will expand to more countries, and with more transportation partners.

This isn't the first time a social messaging service is offering something like this. WeChat, LINE, and KakaoTalk offer something similar in their respective countries of origin. 

Sadly, there's no official word about whether or not Malaysia will be getting this service. It is however, unlikely, seeing that Uber is considered illegal in Malaysia.

Source: Forbes