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Facebook says you'll see less links shared by high frequency users

By Ian Chee - on 3 Jul 2017, 12:01pm

Facebook says you'll see less links shared by high frequency users

Facebook continues its efforts in fighting fake news, this time by deprioritizing links posted by high-frequency users, or people who share a large number of posts every single day. According to Ubergizmo, the company’s research shows that those who post more than 50 times every day are often sharing low quality content.

Facebook has previously tried other things, like having third parties verify the contents of links shared by users. <br> Image source: TechCrunch.

Adam Mosseri, Vice President of Facebook who also handles its News Feed, says that the stuff that these people share tends to include clickbait, misinformation and sensationalism. Having seen enough the connection between fake news and high-frequency posters, the social media company has decided that its algorithm be adjusted to account for these users.

On the user experience end, if you know that someone who is constantly sharing, you’ll begin to see less of their posts in your News Feed. The result, hopefully, is less clickbait and sensationalist fake news. This also means less meaningless animal videos, proselytizing and political falsehoods, or at least that’s the aim of this minor change. The change is limited to individuals, leaving Pages unaffected. So if you run a Facebook page then you need not worry about the promotions you churn out being filtered.

Source: Facebook via Ubergizmo.