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Facebook Canvas turns ads into beautiful works of art

By Peter Chu - on 26 Feb 2016, 2:47pm

Facebook Canvas turns ads into beautiful works of art

 Here's what a Canvas ad would look like.

If you have always thought that the ads on your Facebook news feed was a little too static and uninspiring, well, things are about to change, as Facebook today launched its new, engaging full-screen mobile ad experience, called Canvas.

With Canvas, advertisers are able to create ads that are filled to the gills with interactive multimedia content, such as animations, images, video, text, and even call-to-action buttons – all just to win over the discerning Facebook user’s eyes. Unlike conventional ads, which are often times hyperlinked to an external mobile site that takes unnervingly long to finish loading, Canvases are embedded directly within Facebook itself, allowing them to load up almost instantaneously the moment a user taps on them.

You don’t need to be an expert in computer science to be able to create an elaborate Canvas of your own, as Facebook says it doesn’t need any software or any intricate codes to work – only the Canvas Builder tool, which is accessible by advertisers through the Power Editor and Publishing Tools tab on their respective Facebook page.

Facebook says that users have been pretty welcoming to Canvas thus far. They mentioned that 53 percent of users who open a Canvas will view at least half of it, with the average view time clocking in at an exceptional 31 seconds. Impressive numbers indeed, considering that most users won’t even give the regular ads that they see on their mobile news feed a second glance, let alone a tap.

But words can only do Canvas so much justice. You can click here to watch how advertisers are able to let their creative juices flow freely with the help of Canvas.

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