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ezyCourier makes couriering easy

By Bryan Chan - on 8 Apr 2016, 7:04pm

ezyCourier makes couriering easy

(Front, from L-R): Yang Berbahagia Dato' Ali Hanafiah Mohd. Yunus, COO, Digital Services & Standards Sector, MCMC; and John Gun, Director of ezyCourier Malaysia, officially launching ezyCourier.

Have you've ever needed to courier anything, but dreaded the entire process of going to the post office, filling up a form and weighing your package? Well, ezyCourier Malaysia is here and they're eager to make things a little easier for the average Malaysian to deliver items.

Launched earlier today at the Malaysia IT Fair, which is currently ongoing at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Mid Valley Megamall, ezyCourier is a service that allows you to send small- to medium-sized packages to anyone within the Klang Valley. The service has been recognized by MCMC, so there's no need to worry about security and logistics.

So how does ezyCourier work? You'll firstly have to download an app which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The first step is to download the app and key in the details of what you want delivered.

Next, you key in the details of both sender and receiver.

Lastly, you confirm if you're going to pay using cash or credit card. And that's it! An ezyCourier partner (the person who delivers your package) arrives to pick up the package and delivers it.

Yes, there's only three steps to deliver items with ezyCourier. Furthermore, the people at ezyCourier will strive to complete every delivery within two hours. You can download the Android version here, and the iOS version here.

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