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EXA SetiaWalk Outpost is a family entertainment center with a focus in VR

By Ian Chee - on 1 Jun 2017, 6:11pm

EXA SetiaWalk Outpost is a family entertainment center with a focus in VR

EXA Global has just launched what it calls a 'hyper-reality family entertainment center' at SetiaWalk Outpost in, Puchong.

So what is the EXA SetiaWalk Outpost all about? The simplest way to describe it for now is to imagine a game of laser tag that’s played using virtual reality (VR). This brings to fruition the fully immersive VR experience we’ve always wanted, where VR is more than your head being thrown into the virtual world. You’ll have to move your physical body to have your virtual avatar move in the world of EXA.

If you’re worried about the constraints that usually come with VR, worry not because EXA has made a pretty good choice in selecting the equipment it will be using to provide the experience. From what we can see, you’ll have the Oculus Rift for your VR visor, alongside what looks like an ASUS Orion headset, powered by the MSI VROne backpack. You’ll also get a gun of sorts, which likely works the same way a laser tag gun would.

You’ll also notice odd, coral-like things sticking out of the Oculus Rift visor and the gun. These are sensors that will be communicating your position to the game, and translate them to in-game positions, as you traverse 'Dimension 12' of the EXA world.

As for the venue, it looks like your average laser tag arena, albeit with no walls and perhaps a tad smaller. According to Richard Lee, CEO of EXA Global, there will be more of EXA in the future, as this Outpost in SetiaWalk serves only a single element of the EXA story. Future installments will come to other outlets with a larger play space to facilitate more players at the same time.

The staff of EXA SetiaWalk Outpost posing with the full set of gear.

If you're interested, here's the EXA Global Facebook page that you can check out.

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