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Epson Malaysia unveils new range of L-series inkjet printers

By Peter Chu - on 20 Sep 2017, 2:46pm

Epson Malaysia unveils new range of L-series inkjet printers

The Epson L6190 inkjet printer.

Epson Malaysia unveiled a string of new integrated ink tank printers earlier today. Five of them, to be exact: the L4150, L4160, L6160, L6170, and L6190.

So, what separates the five printers apart? The single biggest difference, is that the L4000 series printers (L4150 and L4160) uses a conventional piezoelectric print head, while the L6000 series printers (L6160, L6170, and L6190) uses Epson’s latest PrecisionCore print head.

The difference between the two print heads? The PrecisionCore print head is equipped with 400 nozzles to fire droplets of black ink, and 128 nozzles for each of the remaining colors: yellow, cyan, and magenta. The piezoelectric print head, meanwhile, only has 180 nozzles allocated for the black ink, and 59 nozzles for each of the color inks.

As you would imagine, the extra nozzles of the L6000 series printers allows it to deliver sharper and higher quality prints compared to its L4000 series counterparts. It boasts faster print speeds, too: up to 15 ipm for black and 8 ipm for color. The L4000 series printers, on the other hand, have a slightly slower print speed of up to 10.5 ipm for black, and 5 ipm for color.

The Epson L6170.

Technical differences aside, each of the L4000 and L6000 series printers are capable of printing, scanning, and copying, with the L6190 being the sole model that’s able to perform all three tasks in addition to faxing. Also, you’ll only find an automatic document feeder on the L6190 and L6170.

Epson says that the ink bottles of its L-series printers are able to deliver 7,500 black and white pages and 6,000 color pages before running dry, and that they’re very affordable to replace. A bottle of black ink will set you back RM42, while a bottle of the three remaining colors will each cost you RM27.

You don’t have to worry about making a mess while refilling the printer’s ink tanks, because the ink bottles are designed to be spill-proof. What’s more, each of the ink bottles have a unique nozzle to prevent you from unintentionally adding yellow ink into the black ink tank.

Epson’s range of L-series printers will be priced from RM968 for the L4150, and will go all the way up to RM1,478 for the L6170. Epson will announce the price of the L6190 when it becomes available thjs December.

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