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Epson announces new large format printers

By John Law - on 26 Mar 2015, 4:16pm

Epson announces new large format printers

From L-R: Vincent Paul Yong; Danny Lee, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Epson Malaysia; Shimizu Tomoya, Country Manager of Epson Malaysia; Dickson Lee, Senior Manager, Commercial and Industrial Department, Sales Division, Epson Malaysia; and Nina Marini. 

Update: Pricing revised for SL-D3000 and SL-D700

Epson today announced a new range of commercial and industrial large format printers. The printers are built on Epson's new technologies, which are the compact, energy-saving and high-precision Micro Piezo and Precision Core printhead technology.

“Epson aims to address the challenges of today’s fragmented print market and the demand for customization,” said Shimizu Tomoya, Country Manager of Epson Malaysia. “This showcase demonstrates how our solutions can help partners and customers reduce operating costs by cutting down on processes, increase productivity and expand service offerings to generate new revenue streams.”

In conjunction with the new printers, Epson also announced that it will be working in collaboration with local artists Nina Marini and photographer Vincent Paul Yong in order to further promote their artwork through Epson printers.

The range of printers that Epson will be releasing are the SureColor T Series, SureColor F Series, SureColor S Series, SureColor B Series, and SureLab Series.

The Epson SureColor S Series S50670.

The SureColor S Series is the company’s first large format sign printer series, which offers low cost, high speed and high print quality. Dickson Lee, Senior Manager, Commercial and Industrial Department, Sales Division, Epson Malaysia, said that the S Series printers can print on a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates, such as adhesive-based vinyl, canvas and clear film.

The SureColor B Series, in turn, are designed for fast reliable and high quality printing with very low cost, and are built with high capacity 1.5-liter ink tanks, allowing for high volume printing on large format applications, such as banners posters, POP materials, backlit panels, and more.

The Epson SureColor F Series F6070 and F2000 (below) printers. These printers serve the purpose for artists that are still interested in printing their art on garments.

The SureColor F Series printers are more suited for fashion designers, as they are direct-to-garment printers designed for printing images and designs directly on to clothes. The F Series printers are also the first dye-sublimation printers from Epson, and are capable of printing designs on to garments at an output of 1,440 x 720 DPI on paper.

Where the F Series was designed for fashion and design, Epson’s SureColor T Series printers are therefore designed to meet the print requirements of engineers, architects and scientific professionals. This printer series are designed for precision printing, with its line being able to print lines as thin as 0.02mm, and at a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 DPI.

The Epson SureLab PhotoLab D700 and D3000 (below) printers.

Last but not least is the PhotoLab SureLab series printers. These printers are designed for businesses, such as photo production businesses, photo shops, and event photography. They give users the flexibility to produce a wide variety of printed materials ranging from four to 12 inches in width, all with stunning color quality.

All of Epson’s new printers are already available at authorized Epson outlets and dealers. The prices and models available are as below:

SureColor T Series

  • SC-T3270 – RM9,998
  • SC-T5270 – RM14,999
  • SC-T5270D – RM23,388
  • SC-T7270 – RM16,888
  • SC-T7270D – RM25,288

SureColor F Series

  • SC-F2000 Main Unit – RM71,500
  • SC-F6070 Main Unit 44-inch – RM26,188
  • SC-F7170 Main Unit 64-inch – RM71,500

SureColor S Series

  • SC-S30670 Main Unit 64-inch – RM59,999
  • SC-S50670 Main Unit 64-inch (4 color) – RM87,000
  • SC-S50670 Main Unit 64-inch (5 color) – RM89,000
  • SC-S70670 Main Unit 64-inch (8 color) – RM97,000
  • SC-S70670 Main Unit 64-inch (10 color) – RM99,000

SureColor B Series

  • SC-B6070 Main Unit 44-inch – RM26,188
  • SC-B7070 Main Unit 64-inch – RM44,900

SureLab Series

  • SL-D3000 Double Roll – RM98,000
  • SL-D3000 Single Roll – RM90,000
  • SL-D700 – RM12,800

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