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E3 2016: AMD reintroduces Radeon RX 480, unveils RX 470 and RX 460 at PC Gaming Show

By John Law - on 14 Jun 2016, 3:45am

E3 2016: AMD reintroduces Radeon RX 480, unveils RX 470 and RX 460 at PC Gaming Show

Behold, the Radeon RX 470 (left, and without a cooler shroud), and the Radeon RX 460. 

Earlier today at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2016, Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, broke the silence on her company's gaming efforts and officially gave the world a glimpse of two other mainstream Radeon RX cards that would be joining the Radeon RX 480, which was announced earlier during COMPUTEX 2016: The Radeon RX 470 and RX 460.

Obviously, the Radeon RX 480 serves as the flagship of the lot, and just like the other two cards, it is based off of AMD's latest 14nm Polaris GPU architecture.Set to go on sale at the end of the month, the card will retail at a price point of US$199 (approx. RM813) for the 4GB GDDR5 variation of the card. The card, as Raja Koduri, Senior VP and Chief Architect, Radeon Technologies Group had explained prior to today's event, was AMD's solution toward democratizing VR, seeking to create a card that was not just powerful, but also affordable to gamers looking to strike a balance between price and performance. And before you ask: Su sadly did not say anything (at all) about the 8GB variation of the RX 480.

Radeon RX480 Hardware Specifications
Compute Units (CUs)
Memory Bandwidth
Data Rate (Effective)
Memory Size
 4/8GB GDDR5
Memory Bit-rate
Power  150W
VR Premium
AMD FreeSync™
Display Port (DP)
 1.3 / 1.4 HDR

Dr. Su briefly brought out a concept VR backpack, built in collaboration with Alienware. 

Trust AMD to announce that Serious Sam would be coming to VR.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Su did take the time to introduce a concept VR backpack that was powered by the company's Radeon RX 480.The backpack was designed and concocted in collaboration with Alienware, but beyond that, Dr. Su didn't divulge a lot of details about the whole thing.

The two other cards, the RX 470 and the RX 460, are the missing pieces to AMD's entire Radeon RX GPU line up for this year, and both cards serve to act as options and alternatives for gamers looking for that sweetspot in power efficiency HD gaming or in e-Sports gaming.

Unfortunately, that's all we know. Beyond the announcement of the RX 470 and RX 460, Lisa didn't even elaborate further on the specifications of the two cards, apart from the fact that the RX470 was 2.8 times more power-efficient than its predecessor, the Radeon R7 370. On the plus side, though, at least we now know the full line up of AMD's Radeon RX GPU line up.

Summit Ridge was briefly mentioned, but no specifications were divulged.

Dr. Su also talked about AMD's Summit Ridge CPU, albeit very briefly and without any mention of the CPU's specifications.

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