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DJI adds two 4K Micro Four Thirds aerial cameras to its Inspire 1 Drone

By Ammar Aminuddin - on 11 Sep 2015, 12:42pm

DJI introduces two 4K Four Thirds aerial camera for its Inspire 1 Drone

Image source: DJI.

DJI has always been a leading brand for drones and recently, the company has unveiled two new aerial cameras for its flagship Inspire 1 drone. Called the Zenmuse X5 and X5R, these cameras are equipped with Micro Four Thirds sensors and are the first of their kind.

The Four Thirds sensor. Image Source: DJI.

Both the X5 and X5R cameras feature a 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is the same sensor used by Olympus and Panasonic. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the lenses are swappable. Both cameras have the ability to shoot 4K videos at either 24FPS or 30FPS, and capture high-quality photos with 13 stops of dynamic range. Each camera comes attached to DJI’s Zenmuse gimbal and all the camera setting can be controlled from the ground via DJI GO app. As the more expensive variant, the X5R is also able to capture lossless 4K cinemaDNG on either an onboard microSD or 512GB SSD.

DJI's own 15mm f1.7 MFT lens. Image Source: DJI

In lossless 4K cinemaDNG mode, the X5R records at a whopping average rate of 1.7Gbps; the standard X5 records at a maximum rate of 60Mbps. Furthermore, both cameras can shoot video in D-LOG mode, which will give editor a broader array of color correction option during post production.

Image Source: DJI.

Bear in mind, the package is not cheap. Here's how much they'll set you back:
Zenmuse X5 (without DJI 15mm F1.7 lens): $1700 (about RM7,309)
Zenmuse X5 (with the DJI 15mm F1.7 lens): $2200 (about RM9,459)
Zenmuse X5 + Inspire 1 (with DJI 15mm F1.7 lens):$4500 (about RM19,348)
Zenmuse X5R + Inspire 1: $8000 (about RM34,396)

Source: No Film School.