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Digi announces its intelligent fleet management solution, iFleet

By Peter Chu - on 24 Mar 2017, 5:53pm

Digi announces its intelligent fleet management solution, iFleet

Imagine you’re the owner of a logistics company, and you have a hundred-odd dispatch vehicles that are running around the country to deliver parcels to their intended recipients. It would definitely take a substantial amount of time and effort to ensure that each and every one of them are running at peak efficiency to minimize their operating cost, right?

This is where Digi’s new end-to-end intelligent fleet management solution, iFleet, comes into play.

With the integration of iFleet, businesses both small and large will be able to monitor the activity of their fleet vehicles, and gather vital data to better manage their mileage, reduce traffic incidents by promoting good driving habits, reduce the risk of theft, and even reconstruct the events leading to an accident. In fact, proprietors can also receive fleet management reports and real-time event notifications.

Although iFleet is only expected to go live sometime in Q2 2017, interested parties can register themselves on iFleet’s official website from now until April 30, 2017 to be entitled to a special monthly subscription rate of RM75 per vehicle. Following which, it will cost RM90 per vehicle per month.

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