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Custom TITAN Sighted at Gigabyte Tech Tour

By Bryan Chan - on 1 Apr 2013, 9:41pm

Custom TITAN Sighted at Gigabyte Tech Tour

The Gigabyte Tech Tour, which is held annually around the globe, is an opportunity for the media as well as distributors to experience first-hand some of the latest products from the company. The Malaysian leg of the tour was held earlier today in KL, where Gigabyte showcased a number of interesting hardware. With the central theme being 'New Ideas', the products being showcased were definitely fresh and innovative.

Ben Lai, Manager, Marketing Department, Graphics Card Sales And Marketing Division, Gigabyte, holding up the receiver for the Aivia Uranium

The tour began with Ben Lai, Manager, Product Department, Multimedia Division of Gigabyte, introducing the Gigabyte Aivia Uranium, a powerful wireless gaming mouse that features a dedicated receiver, which doubles as an information hub with an OLED display that shows information such as DPI settings and other useful information. Lai also introduced the Aivia Neon, a mouse that's best described as an all-in-one mouse. Developed for presentations, the Neon has a built-in laser pointer, has motion tracking capabilities and is entirely wireless.

Alina Liu of the Marketing Department, Graphics Card Sales and Marketing Division, Gigabyte, explaining more about the Gigabyte FLY headset

Alina Liu of the Marketing Department for Graphics Card Sales and Marketing, Gigabyte, then took to the stage to introduce the Gigabyte FLY, S3000, and most interestingly, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN that features a custom cooling solution. The FLY is a headset that features powerful 40mm drivers, while the S3000 is the world's first 2.0 speaker system to be powered by USB 3.0.

Pictured here is the Gigabyte Aivia Uranium and its receiver, which doubles as an information hub

Here's the Gigabyte Aivia Neon

A closer look at the Gigabyte FLY

Of these items, the most outstanding item would be the Gigabyte GeForce GTX TITAN that features the WINDFORCE cooling solution. By the looks of it, GIGABYTE incorporates its WINDFORCE 3X solution for this build. It was also explained that to make full use of NVIDIA's GPU Boost 2.0 technology, the company designed the cooling solution with an increased wattage rating. This is to ensure that the fans run as fast as possible, keeping the card cool, which in turn lets GPU Boost 2.0 squeeze more performance. 

This is the first card we've seen based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN that sports a custom cooling solution

There's no doubt that this is a TITAN

We found this TITAN to be extremely unique, not because this is the first time we're hearing of a cooling solution that uses more wattage to provide increased fan speeds, but for the fact that NVIDIA had said that all cards based on the GeForce GTX TITAN MUST sport reference cooling solutions. We're trying to learn more about this, and once we do get a solid answer, rest assured that we'll keep you posted.

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