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Create and sell your own LINE theme on the LINE Creators Market

By Peter Chu - on 8 Mar 2016, 7:51pm

Create and sell your own LINE theme on the LINE Creators Market

Come late April 2016, LINE users will be able to design and sell their own LINE themes on the LINE Creators Market, which, prior to this announcement, has primarily been used by users as a platform to create and sell LINE stickers.

The LINE Creators Market, which was launched in Malaysia back in 2014, has managed to garner a considerably strong following since its inception. There are more than 520,000 creators from across the globe who have created more than 230,000 different sticker sets thus far, some of which being popular enough to be featured in tie-ins with various businesses.

“LINE Creators Market has enabled many artists globally, including Malaysia, to share their work with many others. The expansion into allowing creators’ to create their own themes is an extension that enables them to exercise their creativity. LINE is thrilled to provide this platform that will not only benefit the creators, but enhance the users’ experience to a whole new level as well, especially for Malaysians,” said Patricia Yeoh, Public Relations Manager of LINE Malaysia.

You’ll be able to create and sell your own LINE theme as long as you have an LINE account. If your LINE theme makes it past the evaluation process, it will be given the green light to be sold to LINE users across the globe on the LINE app’s theme shop, as well as on the online LINE Store.

As far as prices are concerned, you are given a choice to either sell your theme for 150 LINE Coins (approx. RM12.24), 200 LINE Coins (approx. RM16.33), or 250 LINE Coins (approx. RM20.42). You won’t be getting 100 percent of the profits though, as 30 percent of it will be going to the iOS App Store or Google Play’s handling fee. 50 percent of the remaining amount (or 35 percent of total sales) will be yours for the taking, which isn’t that bad a deal.

Interested? You can sign yourself up and check out the official creation and review guidelines on the LINE Creators Market site, here. You can expect to begin submitting your themes for review on April 15, 2016, with the sale of approved themes to begin by month end.

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