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Cooler Master’s CM310 is a super affordable gaming mouse with RGB lighting

By Koh Wanzi - on 4 Jul 2018, 12:14pm

Cooler Master’s CM310 is a super affordable gaming mouse with RGB lighting

Cooler Master CM310

Cooler Master has announced the release of the CM310, a new ergonomic gaming mouse that’s wrapped all around with RGB lighting.

It’s also priced to be super affordable, and it’ll cost you just S$49. That said, the CM310 is shaping up to be a great value-for-money option if you’re in the market for a mouse that won’t break the bank.

In addition to the built-in RGB lighting and five preset modes, the mouse comes with a bevy of key features that should satisfy most gamers.

It is relatively light at 100g, and comes with textured, rubberized side grips for improved purchase on the mouse. You’ll also find two DPI control buttons for quick sensitivity adjustments. This is a nice inclusion, and it’s actually surprising how many pricier mice omit this feature.

Image Source: Cooler Master

The sensor is a 10,000DPI PixArt A3328, which tracks up to 60 inches per second (IPS). That’s a little on the low side, considering that many sub-S$100 mice have sensors that can track up to 400IPS.

This specification indicates how fast the mouse can move across a surface and still track its position correctly, so low sensitivity players who constantly make large, quick swipes will want to pay attention to this.

However, while Cooler Master says that this is an ambidextrous mouse, it’s more accurately suited to right-handers because the two side buttons are only located on the left edge. Southpaws will be able to use the mouse because of its symmetric shape, but they won’t be able to easily access the side buttons.

The CM310 is available to buy now in stores.