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COMPUTEX 2017: Kingston brings enterprise-class SSDs to datacenters

By Michael Low - on 1 Jun 2017, 3:59pm

COMPUTEX 2017: Kingston brings enterprise-class SSDs to datacenters

From L-R: Kingston's DCU1000 PCIe U.2 SSD and DCP1000 PCIe AiC SSD.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of leading memory and storage solution maker Kingston. At COMPUTEX, the brand unveiled three new enterprise-class NVMe SSDs: the DCP1000 PCIe AiC SSD, the DCU1000 PCIe U.2 SSD, and the KC1000 PCIe SSD. We're talking about SSDs that are meant for datacenters, and digital content production environments, such as the emerging 8K standard, mass video transcoding, and high-resolution image manipulation.

Check out the IOPS on the DCP1000.

Both the DCP1000 and DCU1000 include power failure protection to ensure maximum uptime, as well as industry-leading data throughput to allow for real-time content manipulation and other media-intensive applications.

For something a little smaller, the KC1000's M.2 2280 form factor will meet your high-performance SSD need, as it provides the low-latency performance boost across a wide range of applications, including graphically-intensive games, CAD software, and even data visualization.

Here are the CrystalDiskMark numbers for the KC1000.

Quick specs:

  • DCP1000 – Up to 1.25 million IOPS, 7GB/s read performance, up to 8TB capacity
  • DCU1000 – Up to 850k IOPS, 3.6GB/s read performance, up to 4TB capacity
  • KC1000 – Up to 2,700MB/s read, 1,600MB/s write, up to 960GB capacity

While pricing information is yet to be revealed, the KC1000 is expected to ship in mid-June 2017.

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