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COMPUTEX 2016: Palit shows off new GameRock and JetStream GTX 1080 cards

By John Law - on 2 Jun 2016, 11:28pm

COMPUTEX 2016: Palit shows off new GameRock and JetStream GTX 1080 cards

Palit has not one, but two variations of NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 1080: GameRock (right) and JetStream (left).

As an official AiB partner for NVIDIA, Palit was more than happy to give a glimpse of their upcoming custom cooled GTX 1080 graphics cards.

To be precise, their GTX 1080s would be divided into two segments: the GameRock series GTX 1080s, and the JetStream series GTX 1080s.

Both the cards are will require an additional 6-PIN PCIe power connector. Additionally, the JetStream variant will be clocked slightly slower than the GameStream variant of the GTX 1080.

The GameRock line of GTX 1080 cards, as Palit’s representative explained, was aimed and targeted specifically towards gamers who were simply looking for an alternative to the Founder’s Edition of NVIDIA’s GTX 1080, as well as a card that has been overclocked by the third party manufacturer.

Close up of the GameRock GTX 1080 and the JetStream GTX 1080 (below).

Where the GameRock series was designed for gaming, Palit’s JetStream GTX 1080 series was designed for the people with more extreme tendencies, specifically overclocking. Palit says that at its availability, their JetStream GTX 1080s would be more overclockable than the GameRock GTX 1080 cards, but would still be clocked at a lower speed than their GameRock GTX 1080 card.

Both GTX 1080 graphics card under the GameRock and JetStream series will be available sometime within this month. Additionally, both series will ship out with two SKUs: the GameRock series will have GameRock and the GameRock Premium, while the Jet Stream series will be available in either JetStream or in its Super JetStream variation.

All SKUs of Palit's GameRock and JetStream GTX 1080s will be bundled with Palit's G-Panel monitor.

Lastly, all cards will be bundled together with Palit’s G-Panel monitor, which will allow users to oversee the status of their cards.

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