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COMPUTEX 2015: Intel Unite to improve business meetings with vPro-based mini PCs

By Michael Low & Dr. Jimmy Tang - on 2 Jun 2015, 11:34pm

COMPUTEX 2015: Intel Unite to improve business meetings with vPro-based mini PCs

intel unite 

Intel today introduced a new and cost-effective business solution that is designed for easy collaboration and improved meeting productivity. Known as Intel Unite, the technology is available for conference rooms equipped with select Intel Core vPro processor-based mini PCs. Along with devices running the Intel Unite software, existing conference rooms can be modernized and transformed into smart and connected meeting spaces with enhanced security.

In order to get started, organizations would need to install a mini PC that features an Intel Core processor with vPro technology. The mini PC is then connected to the conference room’s large screen display or projector. Using the Intel Unite software in the mini PC along with all other client devices, users in the meeting can collaborate effectively by connecting to the mini PC wirelessly. Using the mini PC as a central hub, users in the meeting can view, annotate and share documents in real time. Operating wirelessly, Intel Unite can also allow any member of the team located off-site to connect and collaborate by logging in using a secure PIN code. Equipped with 256-bit SSL encryption, data shared through the system will remain safe within the corporate network.

In the future, the Intel Unite software will be able to manage controls such as in-room lights, speakerphones, cameras and conference room temperature. It will also be able to work with telepresence and meeting-room calendar integration to simplify scheduling.

Currently, Intel Unite will support clients on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems while support for additional clients such as Android, the Google Chrome browser and iOS will be available in the future.

Still unsure of how Intel Unite works? Watch the 1-minute video below for a quick summary.