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COMPUTEX 2014: Sapphire Armed for 2014

By Bryan Chan - on 3 Jun 2014, 3:43pm

COMPUTEX 2014: Sapphire Armed for 2014

Earlier today, we managed to catch up with our friends from Sapphire at COMPUTEX 2014. During this meeting, we were shown a number of great products, such as the freakishly powerful Sapphire R9 295X2 8GB and the easy-to-deploy Sapphire SP-QFFT3GS embedded solutions system.

The SP-QFFT3GS is a full system that is equipped with AMD’s G-Series System on a Chip (SoC). This SoC series has the AMD Radeon 8000 series integrated GPU onboard, allowing it to perform marvelously when it comes to graphics processing. Like many of its graphics solutions, this product can output to two displays simultaneously. The SP-QFFT3GS is targeted at businesses who want to invest in digital signage.

Sapphire has plenty of embedded solutions for businesses this year.

This is the Sapphire R9 295X2. There are four Mini DisplayPorts onboard, 8GB worth of memory, and is factory overclocked.

The Sapphire SP-QFFT3GS is a great solution for any business looking to invest in digital signage.

This is the Sapphire IPC-FP3E4/E8860 EDG system. It's pictured here driving the Dell 28-inch P2815Q monitor, which is natively 4K.

Apart from that, we were also shown the Sapphire IPC-FP3E4/E8860 EDG system. This system runs on the latest AMD R-series APU (Bald Eagle), which has the Radeon HD 9000 series graphics onboard. While this system may be compact, it shouldn’t be underestimated because it’s capable of supporting 4K resolution. This system is optimized for deployment in casinos, arcades, and of course, digital signage.

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