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CNNIC, IP Mirror Prepping Chinese Top-Level Domains

By Michael Low & Marcus Wong - on 2 Jul 2014, 12:00pm

CNNIC, IP Mirror Prepping Chinese Top-Level Domains

Doing business in China? In that case, you might want your online presence to speak to your customers a little more by ending your domain name with a “.Gongsi” or “.Wangluo”, the phonetic spellings of “Company” and “Network” respectively.

As China is home to the world’s largest Internet user community, Chinese top-level domains are inherently valuable, and China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) feels they embody increasing domain value as they represent credibility and accessibility to the Chinese market.

Early registration periods for “.Gongsi” and “.Wangluo” will be divided into three stages to protect the rights of trademark holders. The Sunrise Period (that started yesterday) opens registration to just Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) registrants, the subsequent Pioneer Period (from July 31, 2014) will open registration up to non-TMCH trademark holders registered at governmental agencies, after which customers are encouraged to bid for their preferred domain names (if they face a contest) during the Landrush Period (from August 21, 2014).

CNNIC's close business partner, IP Mirror says that it  is ready to help customers obtain their desired " .Gongsi " and " .Wangluo " domain names to stay ahead of the crowd.

Meanwhile, as part of its World Cup marketing, Sohu has already started using  ".Wangluo".  “搜狐世界杯。网络“ and "巴西世界杯。网络" will both take you to Sohu's World Cup coverage. Other than making it faster for Chinese Internet users to quickly access their World Cup content, this is also makes a statement about the company's willingness to connect to its customers, representing a competitive edge for the company.

Source: PR Newswire.