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CM Storm SF-17 & SF-15 Notebook Coolers Arrive

By Bryan Chan & Joy Hou - on 24 Mar 2014, 12:00pm

CM Storm SF-17 & SF-15 Notebook Coolers Arrive

Cooler Master has announced two new additions to the SF (Strike Force) series of notebook coolers and gaming hubs, the CM Storm SF-17 and SF-15.


With LED lighting strips and cooling fans, the SF-17 and SF-15 both have the ability to dissipate excess heat through their perforated surface. Both models have a strengthened mesh that support notebook sizes up to 19- and 15.6-inch respectively. Each feature a single, large, and adjustable turbine fan (SF-15 is 160mm, while SF-17 is 180mm) that is specifically engineered to provide airflow that keeps notebook components running at optimal temperatures.


On top of that, the new notebook coolers include multiple height adjustable angles that assist gamers in minimizing fatigue to their eyes, and wrists. Their handles also make it easy for gamers to carry them around.

All images accredited to Cooler Master.