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Citrix predicts importance of IoT, AR, and VR in 2018

By John Law - on 27 Dec 2017, 4:08pm

Citrix predicts importance of IoT, AR, and VR in 2018

Image source: TeamARIN.

2017 was, for lack of a better way of putting it, something of a bittersweet year for many of us. While many of us are already looking forward to bid the year goodbye, it is also quite obvious that many of us are also looking forward to the new year.

In the world of technology, Citrix, the multinational software company, is feeling quite certain that 2018 will also be a very important year for technologies involving Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR).

According to Tong Chee Leong, Country Manager, Malaysia, Citrix Systems Inc:

“Cloud will become more and more topical and CIOs and CTOs are becoming more comfortable with the idea of leveraging cloud-based resources to augment, and in some cases, displace on-premise infrastructure and services. As cloud technology has matured, organisations are increasingly examining ways they can utilise the technology. With the ever increasing demands on IT resources execs are looking for ways to leverage cloud technology in a more productive manner allowing them to focus on innovating and not just administrating.”

Tong also believes that Cloud will change the way people will work next year. With the Cloud, businesses will gain an unprecedented flexibility in the way they do work.

“Cloud can help business provide the work flexibility that the new generation looks for in an organisation. Implemented in the right way it has to power to improve productivity by engaging and motivating employees by giving them the freedom to contribute productively in their own ways.”

Lastly, Tong also said of IoT, AR, and VR:

“Internet of Things (IOT) has huge potential for the workplace. Smart companies are already using a design thinking approach to innovate and truly deliver products that are starting to tap into the potential for IoT and this will continue to evolve in 2018. IoT offers so much potential for changing the way we do things and my hope is that companies take a customer centric approach focused on helping them become more efficient and effective in delighting their customers. This technology is maturing and as it does so companies are finding ever more interesting applications for it.

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality will continue to gain attention next year. AR is already being used in the future of work related to construction, on-site repair technicians, etc. This technology will continue to get smaller and more powerful thus more pervasive and we will see a lot of AR tech in 2018 and VR tech in 2019.”