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ChopInk App Simplifies Loyalty Card Programs

By Sharmine Ishak - on 18 Jul 2012, 6:14pm

ChopInk App Simplifies Loyalty Card Programs

Mobile app developer, Werebits Sdn Bhd recently announced the launch of 'ChopInk' - a cardless loyalty system which uses a mobile phone-based app to replace conventional paper-based loyalty stamp cards. Besides simplifying consumer experience, the app can also be used by retailers to keep track of their regular customers, maintaining a repository of their contact information for future marketing campaigns and reward programs.

From L-R: Lim Sin Khim, CEO of Wings Musicafe; Ho Heng Yew, Marketing Director Of Werebits Sdn Bhd; Teon Ooi, Co-founder of ChopInk; Aida Noryati Abdul Muti, Marketing Manager of Gloria Jean’s Coffees with Tan Hai Hsin, Managing Director of Retail Group Malaysia launching the ChopInk mobile app

“For small to medium-sized retailers, paper-based loyalty stamp cards are one of their favourite loyalty marketing tools, but they have very mixed results due to the analog nature of these cards," said Ho Heng Yew, Marketing Director of Werebits Sdn Bhd. "Our goal is to give retailers a simple yet innovative solution to transform their occasional customers into super fans and frequent buyers, while giving them the insights of who their regular and inactive customers are."

With ChopInk, retailers can decide what and how much they want to give away for their reward program and how many loyalty stamps it will take for customers to receive rewards. Not just limited to one program, ChopInk allows retailers to run several campaigns with rewards for multiple products or services at once.

“With the highly competitive nature of the retail and particularly food and beverage (F&B) businesses here in Malaysia, it is vital that retailers know how to engage customers effectively on an on-going basis," said Tan Hai Hsin, the Managing Director of Retail Group Malaysia who was also present at the launch event to share insights on the latest retail trends in Malaysia. "It is also important that they are able to go beyond capturing market share to retaining it."

At launch, ChopInk already has a number of retailers signed up in Penang and the Klang Valley, including Gloria Jean's Coffees and Wings Musicafe. Through this partnership, the first 500 Gloria Jean's Coffees guests who downloads the app and uses it at specified outlets will be able to get a free regular-sized beverage in the month of July, while the first 700 Wings Musicafe customers who use ChopInk will be able to get a free cup of milk tea. To use the app, customers simply need to download the free ChopInk app on their Apple or Android smartphones and scan the QR code at the merchant when paying, where they will then receive their loyalty stamp.

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