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CES 2017: An armband for the Apple Watch is now available

By Bryan Chan & Cookie Monster - on 6 Jan 2017, 11:48am

CES 2017: An armband for the Apple Watch is now available

Image source: TwelveSouth

You can now wear the Apple Watch on the arm instead of the wrist thanks to TwelveSouth's ActionSleeve Armband.

Unveiled at CES 2017, the ActionSleeve allows you to strap the Apple Watch to the upper arm or bicep while engaging in vigorous sports such as kickboxing and weightlifting. It has a built-in silicone bumper to protect the Apple Watch from nicks and dings. 

TwelveSouth also claims that the ActionSleeve can actually improve the Apple Watch's heart rate tracking. Since the armband holds the Apple Watch tightly and securely to the upper arm, there is more consistent skin contact. In addition, you still can control the Apple Watch (e.g. switching apps, pausing a workout and setting a timer) when it is strapped to your arm.

The ActionSleeve Armband comes in black and red with one size for the 38mm Apple Watch and two sizes for the 42mm Apple Watch. It is currently priced at US$29.99 (~RM134). 

Source: TwelveSouth via 9to5Mac