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CES 2016: The Vyoocam is a camera you can clip on your glasses

By Bryan Chan & Liu Hongzuo - on 5 Jan 2016, 11:26am

CES 2016: The Vyoocam is a camera you can clip on your glasses

The Vyoocam is a clip-on, hands-free, live-streaming point-of-view camera that's ideal for Internet video makers who needs their both hands for other chores.

Do you need both hands while live-streaming a video? Vyoocam is a simple yet ingenious solution for live-streamers or Internet video makers who require a hands-free solution in their video-making process.

Specifications of the clip-on camera.

The Vyoocam (pronounced “view-cam”) is a ultra-portable, point-of-view clip-on camera that’s meant to replace your smartphone as your primary live-streaming device. The device actually requires a wireless Bluetooth connection for proper functionality. It has Wi-Fi compatibility as well, and support on both iOS and Android smartphones via its proprietary app. As a whole, a Vyoocam is supposed to allow the user to do hands-free video sessions, be it live or pre-recorded segments, where the streamer’s hands need to be doing something else. It weighs merely 80g, so we don't suppose it will be hindrance to anyone, unless you're wearing glasses that are already heavy.

Other features include an offline mode where you can store recorded clips in your smartphone, and button that enables the live-streamer to go live in a single click. It charges using a USB port, and the developers claim that you can even charge the device with a power bank. Videos records have a resolution of up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, and it supports H.264 encoding.

There’s not an awful lot of information on this device, but the Vyoocam is certainly more than a prototype since it’s properly debuting at CES 2016 (January 6 to 9, 2016), Eureka Park, booth 80947. The makers are accepting pre-orders for the Vyoocam, although they have not yet announced an official list price. More information about the device and the developers can be found via their official website.

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