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CES 2016: The Oree Stylograph will help you digitize your sketchings

By Bryan Chan & Marcus Wong - on 4 Jan 2016, 3:02pm

CES 2016: The Oree Stylograph will help you digitize your sketchings

Transferring sketches and scribbles to a digital form has always involved either scanning a completed piece and tracing it digitally later, or learning to draw on screen with a digital tablet, both tasks that take away from the spontaneity of drawing to a certain extent. Granted, digital styluses have improved drastically over the years, but they still don’t present a real replacement to tactile feel of drawing with pen and paper.

Oree’s new Stylograph looks to change all that. A notebook and pen combination, it allows you to literally sketch and write as you would with a normal pen and paper. The notes and sketches made on the dedicated paper used in the Stylograph’s notebook are instantly tracked by the smart pen to be transferred to their app, so you easily can share them on social media. A perfect artist’s companion!

You're drawing with an actual pen with the Stylograph.

The pen is sheathed in a pure copper body with a triangular precision grip for optimal holding comfort. It weighs just 52 grams and has a diameter of just 12mm. The Li-Polymer battery allows for up to three days of use, and you can recharge it easily using the microUSB cable provided. Also included, is a Zebra 0.4C 0.7mm ink cartridge, so you can start writing straight away. The pen also accommodates standard D1 type ballpoint pen refills, so you can easily pick the ink you prefer later on.

The notebook on the other hand, comes with premium 120g thick mineral stone paper that includes a special micro-pattern in the paper that allows your sketches to be picked up and transferred to the app, which stores them in PDF or PNG format. The paper set includes 190 pages in A5 format, with odd pages blank and even pages ruled.

A Stylograph set consists of notebook, pen, and dedicated paper.

The app allows you to easily send your sketches to drawing software as vectors.

The application allows you to instantly share pages via email, and allows you a means of storing and sharing notebooks for later retrieval. Change the color of your pen strokes in the app to underline or emphasize elements, and export your drawings to a vector format (SVG) for further editing in your favorite graphics applications. Notes you write can also be transcribed to digital characters for further editing in word processing or plain text applications (English, French and German initially supported, other European and Asian languages to follow), and keyword searching is also supported, so you can easily sieve through open and archived notes.

The Stylograph is being unveiled at CES 2016, and retails for 400 Euros (about RM1,890, before shipping charges). Once the paper runs out, you'll have to buy refills from Oree. A set of paper includes 190 pages that are A5 in size.

You can find out more at the Oree Artisans website