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Carpit makes changing your tires easy

By Bryan Chan - on 21 Apr 2017, 3:27pm

Carpit makes changing your tires easy

From L-R: Nathanael Noiraud, COO, Carpit Malaysia; Leona Chin, Celebrity racer; Tai Qisheng, Co-founder and CEO, Carpit Malaysia; and Tai Qiyao, Co-founder, Carpit Malaysia.

Tires play an incredibly important role in determining the safety of you and your car(s), as they're the only contact point between the road and your car. Apart from ensuring that they are properly inflated, you'll also need to remember to change your tires before the rubber hardens and/or the threads become thin.

Traditionally, you'd have to search online by combing through forums or physically visit shops to get the best deals on tires, but with Carpit, those days are over. Launched earlier today, this app is best described as a digitized yellow pages for car tire dealers.

All you need to do is register yourself via the app, key in the make and model of your car and its tire details, and you're all set to go shopping for new sets of tires, and/or send your vehicle in for balancing and alignment.

After you've registered for the service, add a car.

The app will provide you with a list of tire dealers located near you, complete with information such as the pricing for different sets of tires, the dealer's rating, and reviews from other users about that shop. Once you've chosen the dealer you're comfortable with and the type of service you'd like, just request for the service. Complete the payment and the dealer will send someone over to pick you vehicle. The prices listed in the app are transparent, without any hidden charges. There are 237 dealers to choose from, with the list slated to grow.

Once you've filled the details of your car, you can choose from numerous service providers near your location.

If you're worried about leaving your car in the hands of someone else, don't be, as Carpit has an end-to-end service assurance with a full warranty against any damage to your vehicle.

Choose the type of service, review the prices and you can proceed to pay from your mobile device. It's that simple.

While the app currently allows you to do the above mentioned, Tai Qisheng, Co-founder and CEO of Carpit Malaysia, said that there are plans to expand these options to include change of lubricants, batteries, and even exterior car care.

The Carpit app is available to download for free, and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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