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Of cards catching fire and overheating PS4s

By John Law - on 2 Nov 2016, 10:52am

Of cards catching fire and overheating PS4s

Perhaps even our devices are being affected by global warming. As you all know, Samsung pretty much caught the brunt of this trend with their Galaxy Note7 exploding on their gleefully excited owners who still suffered the same problem even after getting the replacement.

Now the tales of fire have turned to the side of PC components, and the company and component that’s under the spotlight is EVGA and their GeForce GTX 1080 FTW graphics card. How are these cards catching fire, you ask? Well, to keep a very long story short, WCCFTech reports that the card, alongside with their GTX 1070, suffered from a crippling voltage regulation issue with the modules inside EVGA’s dual fan cards, leaving it susceptible (and prone) to overheating and inevitably, the eponymous fire.

In fact, one EVGA user even took a video of his card actually catching fire, and posted it on YouTube, which we’ve linked below.

The overheating issue doesn’t end there either. At this year’s Paris Games Week, Sony had a bit of an embarrassing moment when the PlayStation 4 (PS4) they were using for a live demo of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV title overheated, hanged and crashed. That being said, the guys playing the game laughed it off and took the incident both on the chin and in good spirit. We’ve attached the video footage from the incident here, but do note that while the video title states that it was a PS4 Pro, multiple sources have indicated that the console in question was just a normal PS4.

Sources: WCCFTech, Gamezone.