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The Canon iNSPiC S is an instant camera and printer hybrid that excels in capturing selfies

By Ng Chong Seng - on 14 Jun 2019, 9:30am

The Canon iNSPiC S is an instant camera and printer hybrid that excels in capturing selfies

Canon has just unveiled the iNSPiC S and iNSPiC C, two pocket-sized instant cameras that are also portable printers.

Let’s talk about the iNSPiC S first. It weighs 188g and is available in matte black, pearl white, and rose gold colors. This 8-megapixel camera takes only JPEG photos, has a fixed lens, and does fully automatic exposures, including auto ISO (100 - 1,600) and auto white balance. In short, don’t expect IXUS or PowerShot-quality snaps.

That said, the iNSPiC S is designed to do one thing well - and that’s taking selfies. To enable proper framing without a flipping LCD, the front of the camera has a rather large circular mirror dome. There’s also a ring light (with eight LEDs) to ensure that faces are properly lit.

While you can use the iNSPiC S’ viewfinder when taking photos, you can also do remote shutter shooting using your phone (connected over Bluetooth) through the Canon Mini Print app, which is available on both iOS and Android. This app also lets you program the camera’s self timer settings.

Despite being both a camera and printer, the iNSPiC S is no thicker than a pack of cards.

The large mirror dome is a clever way to enable easy selfie framing without a flipping LCD.

Of the three colors available for the S, only the black one has a matte finish.

The printer takes 10 sheets of Zink paper at each go.

Did I mention that the iNSPiC S is also a photo printer? Like the HP Sprockets and Canon’s own PV-123 Mini Pocket Printer, the iNSPiC S uses Zink’s inkless technology for quick and clean printing. Printing can be initiated through the Canon Mini Print app, and the app allows you to customize your photos with its various built-in filter and collage options. Of course, you can also print photos that are already on your phone or those that you’ve downloaded from places such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Dropbox, and iCloud.

For those interested in the details, the iNSPiC S can be loaded with 10 sheets of sticky-backed and tear-proof Zink Printing Paper, and each 2 x 3-inch photo takes about 50 seconds to print. The iNSPiC S has a built-in 700mAh battery, which Canon estimates is good for 25 prints.


Then there’s the more affordable iNSPiC C, which is available in more funky colors, such as bubble gum pink, bumble bee yellow, and seaside blue.

Versus the iNSPiC S, the iNSPiC C shoots and prints at a lower resolution (5MP vs. 8MP and 314 x 500 dpi vs. 314 x 600 dpi) and doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity. Because of the latter, you can’t connect the iNSPiC C to a phone, which also means you can’t use the Canon Mini Print app and features like remote shutter shooting.

Also, while the iNSPiC C has a flash light, it lacks the iNSPiC S’ ring light to do fill lighting. And when taking selfies, you’ve to make do with a much smaller reflective mirror at the front of the camera.

If you just want to snap and print, the iNSPiC C is for you. The main difference between this and the S is its lack of Bluetooth (smartphone) connectivity.

Both the iNSPiC S and C let you save photos to a microSD card. But since the devices don't have a screen or UI to get to the saved photos, the card is there more for backup purposes, so that you can retrieve the shots when you're back to a computer.


Available in stores starting June 17, the Canon iNSPiC S and iNSPiC C are priced at S$219 and S$159 respectively. Each device comes with 10 pieces of Zink paper in the box. Additional paper are sold in 20-sheet packs, and each pack costs S$15.

Also, with every purchase of an iNSPiC instant camera printer, you will be entitled to a special bundle of Craftholic premiums, which includes a limited edition pouch, lanyard, and keychain plushie worth S$59. Redemptions are available from July 8 at the Canon Customer Care Center located at Fusionopolis.