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Bycle allows bike riders to record and share their journey

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 16 Jul 2016, 7:49am

Bycle allows bike riders to record and share their journey

While athletes are able to use Solo’s glasses to track their performance, normal cyclist consumers can look forward to using Bycle, a grip mount that attaches to your bicycle.

The Bycle is a mount that works concurrently with its app to allow your iPhone to capture front-facing videos and pictures. <br> Image source: Cnet

Attached to the front handle of your bicycle, the mount firmly holds your iPhone 6/s or iPhone 6s Plus. The mount is also water- and shock-resistant to protect your device while displaying your entire screen for you to see. The Bycle’s unique prism lets you use your phone’s camera to capture forward-facing pictures and videos while you cycle around.

To complement the mount, users can download the Bycle app that will track various data using your iPhone’s barometer and GPS. Among the data the app will record includes the distance, speed and travel time of your cycling trip.

The Bycle will come in two models, the S-Mount and E-Mount. The difference between the two mounts is that the E-Mount’s has an in-built 3,000mAH battery to charge your iPhone. Both the S-Mount and E-Mount will be available in September for US$70 (~RM276) and US$100 (~RM394) respectively. Alternatively, the company is accepting preorders of the Bycle through Kickstarter for US$45 (~RM177) and US$70(~RM276).

Source: CNET