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Buzzme celebrates its third anniversary with new look and three Smart bundles

By John Law - on 25 Aug 2016, 7:06pm

Buzzme celebrates its third anniversary with new look and three Smart bundles

From L-R: Andrew Kok, Head of Consumer Marketing, Mobile 8 Telco Sdn Bhd (far left); Loke Yee Siong, Group CEO, Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd (third from left): and Kewell Yap, Chief Business Controller, Mobile 8 Telco Sdn Bhd (third from right).

Buzzme isn’t a name that many of us would be too familiar with. The company started life out in the telco world as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) when they struck a deal with another telco provider, U Mobile to be their backbone in the business. But rather than go toe-to-toe with the big wigs like Maxis, DiGi, and Celcom, Buzzme decided that they focus on the Gen X, Gen Y, and millennials in Malaysia.

Three years on, and the telco celebrated their third anniversary today with a special party at a local restaurant on the outskirts of the city.

During the party, the company also took the time to announce that in line of three year anniversary, they had made 3 new Smart plans available for their consumers. These plans were the Smart Surf, Smart Validity and Smarter Bundle.

As the name suggests, the Smart Surf plan was designed to allow customers to surf the internet more with more affordable data plans. These plans range from prices as low as RM5 for just 200MB, all the way up to RM135 for a bigger, more sizable data plan of 8GB.

The second plan is actually a more interesting plan. Called Smart Validity, the plan supposedly allows any subscriber to keep their Buzzme number active for an entire year at a flat rate of just RM38. This is a first for the company, as most telcos tend to terminate prepaid if they haven’t been used for a grace period of two to three months.

The third plan, called the Smart Bundle, is actually just a revision of an already existing program. The new Smart Bundle now comes with two improved all-in-one bundles, known as Smarter 25 and Smarter 50.

To summarize the two plans: At RM25, the Smarter 25 plan give users 1.5GB worth of data, 30 minutes of voice calls, and up to 30 SMSes.

Pay an additional RM25 for the Smarter 50 plan, however, and users will get up to 4GB of data, 60 minutes worth of voice calls, and 30 SMSes.

You can learn more about Buzzme's new Smart plans on their site.

A word of warning to our readers: at this stage, Buzzme still isn’t capable of providing its users with 4G LTE speeds and connectivity at this moment. However, the company’s CEO, Loke Yee Siong, did say that the pipelines to provide their customers with the blazing fast service was already in the works, and that they would be rolling it out something during Q4 2016.

Here's a more vivid list of Buzzme's partners.

On another note, Buzzme also announced that if their customers should reload with a minimum of RM100, they stood a chance to win prizes from one of the nine Buzzme Elite partners which the company will be working with. The companies in questions are as listed below:

  • Ambersze
  • Centro
  • ZTE
  • Breakout
  • Lancelot Tea Guild
  • La Petales
  • SanDisk
  • Eranthe L
  • Le Group

All three of these plans are already available, and you can learn more about them on Buzzme’s page.

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