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Breaking News: Apple Offers Samsung Patent Settlement Deal
By John Law - on 21 Jan 2014, 11:33am

Breaking News: Apple Offers Samsung Patent Settlement Deal

 Image source: Apple Insider.

As you all know, there's a patent war between Samsung and Apple that has been raging on since the inception of the first iPhone. While it seems that the two giants are set to go head to head again this March with a second U.S. patent lawsuit, the court has requested that both parties at least make an attempt to reach a settlement before then. Remarkably, Apple actually took the first step.

According to the article at Apple Insider, the Cupertino company is willing to settle with the Korean giant, but only if Samsung complies with Apple's terms, which also includes an anti-cloning provision.

Samsung may or may not take lightly to this settlement, as accepting it would effectively be the same as admitting to the world that they have in fact, been “slavishly” copying Apple.

“Samsung may hate the notion of an anti-cloning provision,” wrote Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents. “It's definitely at odds with the strategy that enabled Samsung to become the global market leader in smartphones.”

One of the first incident of court happened when after winning its first patent case against Samsung, Apple was denied a permanent sales injunction against Samsung's infringing products by Judge Lucy Koh in December 2012. That decision was eventually appealed by Apple to the Federal Circuit, which later indicated that the Judge's decision was made in overreaching support of Samsung.

It's been nearly a year and a half since the injunction was made though, and Apple is still waiting for a resolution of its request for a permanent injunction since then. Not that surprising, considering the fact that trying to win a permanent injunctions against product infringement in the U.S is considerably hard.

“Samsung persists in its strategy of delay-seeking to extend the briefing schedule for Apple's renewed motion, belatedly moving for discovery relating to Apple's negotiations with Samsung, requesting an evidentiary hearing even though the record is already fully developed and asking the Court to stay enforcement of any injunction with respect to the '915 patent',” an Apple filing stated.

Source: Apple Insider