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BMW unveiled M5 super sedan at gamescom 2017

By Michael Low & Kenny Yeo - on 23 Aug 2017, 9:45am

BMW unveiled M5 super sedan at gamescom 2017

BMW has just unveiled its new eagerly-anticipated M5 super sedan and it wasn't at an auto show, nor was it a special BMW event. Instead, the new M5 was unveiled at gamescom 2017, alongside the new Need for Speed Payback game.

This isn't the first time that automakers have taken to non-traditional avenues to reveal cars. Porsche did the same too with its fire-breathing 911 GT2 RS.

Now, what can diehard BMW M fanatics expect from the latest M5? For a start, it will be fastest M car ever.

Power comes from a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8, which produces a momentous 600hp and 750nm of torque. Interestingly, that's nearly identical to the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S.

0-100km/h happens in a claimed 3.2 seconds. Again, nearly identical to its Stuttgart rival.

Top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h. Unrestricted, the new M5 should crack 320km/h.

The new M5 will also have a sophisticated AWD (all-wheel drive) system called M xDrive that can be switched to a RWD (rear-wheel drive) mode. Traction control can be turned off in RWD mode so owners can indulge in massive power slides and skids.

Again, this AWD and RWD mode thing is something that the Mercedes E63 AMG S has too.

Image source: BMW.

So far so good, but I'm afraid purist will balk at the news that the new M5 will only be available as an automatic. It will get a speedy 8-speed M Steptronic transmission (not dual-clutch).

The car will be available early next year. But if you want to drive it first, Need for Speed Payback, which will feature the M5 as a drivable car, comes out on November 10 this year.

Source: The Verge, Jalopnik.