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The Beta version of ASUSTOR's ADM 2.7 is now available

By Bryan Chan & Kenny Yeo - on 20 Jan 2017, 11:59am

The Beta version of ASUSTOR's ADM 2.7 is now available

(Image source: ASUSTOR)

ASUSTOR has just announced that its latest operating system - ADM 2.7 Beta - is now available in beta for most of its NAS devices.

The new operating system features an upgraded Linux kernel for improved security, performance, and network access flexibility.

More importantly, ADM 2.7 introduces four new features - EZ Connect, Autonomous Firmware and App Updates, heterogeneous data sharing via CIFS shared folders and PPPoE broadband connection service.

  • EZ Connect helps users automate the port forwarding configuration process. Port forwarding configurations will also be automatically executed when installing new apps.
  • Autonomous Firmware and App Updates let users schedule firmware version checks and updates during appropriate times in order to avoid high system loading or busy network traffic.
  • Heterogeneous Data Sharing via CIFS Shared Folders allows administrators to take client-side (Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS) folders and seamlessly mount them to ADM File Explorer. This makes it easy for administrators to quickly share files with specified users while also being able to maintain access security with configurable individual access permissions to mounted folders.
  • Finally, PPPoE Broadband Connection Service lets users directly get the IP distributed by their ISP to execute dial-up connections via their NAS. With regards to users with closed network environments, this helps them to avoid having to make associated router configurations.

ADM 2.7 Beta will be available for ASUSTOR’s x86 64-bit series devices which include the 31, 32, 50, 51, 61, 62 and 70 series. 6, 2, 3, and 10 series devices can also be upgraded to ADM 2.7 to gain access to the four new above-mentioned features. Unfortunately, the Linux kernel version will not be upgraded to version 4.4.24 due to hardware limitations.