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BenQ announces monitors with upgraded eye-care technology

By Nickey Ross - on 14 Nov 2017, 12:34pm

BenQ announces monitors with upgraded eye-care technology

Image source : BenQ

BenQ has revealed upgrades to their eye-care technology, which are Brightness Intelligence Technology, Low Blue Light Technology as well as Flicker-free for their monitors, aiming to maintain eye health. These technologies will effectively offer eye fatigue-less comfort as well as upholding unaltered picture quality in their monitors.

BenQ's Brightness Intelligence Technology vigorously lets the brightness adapt to on-screen visuals and surrounding lighting. The 2017 upgraded version, Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I. +) Technology is able to detect ambient color temperature plus environmental brightness to automatically adjust brightness and color temperature. On top of that, B.I + Technology uses complex real-time algorithms to evade overexposure in bright lighting conditions and maintains the little details in dark scenes to provide the highest clarity.

The Low Blue Light Technology is designed to filter out detrimental blue light in successive stages, depending on content. The newly revamped Low Blue Light Plus Technology not only shields users against short-wavelength blue light, but also blocks higher-energy blue-violet radiation in wavelengths from 420nm to 455nm. The technology, however allows blue-turquoise light that is beneficial, from 455nm to 480nm, to get rid of eye irritation without compromising picture quality.

BenQ also introduces its Flicker-Free technology, that erases fatigue-causing flickers at all levels of brightness, offering eyestrain relief. Their eye-care focused monitors cater to all kinds of users from families, to office workers as well as users in the creative sector. 

The BenQ Brand store on Lazada can be viewed here, where the eye-care monitors alongside other BenQ products are available.

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