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Axum Gear is a pair of wireless earbuds with great audio quality

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 20 Aug 2016, 1:58am

Axum Gear is a pair of wireless earbuds with great audio quality

Possibly the best wireless sport earbuds, the successfully crowdfunded Axum Gear is geared for individuals who want their music to spur them towards greater achievements in sports.

The successfully crowdfunded Axum Gear is a premium set of wireless earbuds that is targeted towards athletes who want to listen to crisp audio to spur them towards greater achievements. <br> Image source:

Utilizing M-voiD Sound Technology, a system found in some luxurious cars, Axum Gear has miniaturized the system to fit within a compact and wireless earbuds. M-voiD produces some of the clearest sounds possible through its system that reduces audio coloration, allowing users to experience their music in its original crisp quality.

With Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and a battery life that lasts up to eight hours while on the go, the Axum Gear allows users to listen to their songs during prolonged exercise sessions. With the Bluetooth 4.1, the wireless earbuds will have a more stable and smoother connection with your music device, allowing ever single audio data to reverberate back.

To recharge these premium wireless earphones, users will not have to fumble with clumsy wires. Instead, the Axum Gear has a portable charging case that you can carry around and has up to four hours worth of playtime. Thanks to built-in magnets, the earphones will snugly fit it into the charging pod and immediately to begin charging quickly.

Thanks to its unique compact design, the Axum Gear’s finely crafted silicone jacket will stay in place no matter how rigorous athletes push themselves. With three different sizes, the Axum Gear will perfectly fit in your ear no matter the shape. In addition, the earphones have a nano-coating that makes it essentially waterproof, so you can take a dip with your favorite music.

Oh and the Axum Gear also has built in microphones that allow you to take phone calls and give out voice commands to Google Now or Siri. The Axum Gear is scheduled to arrive on May 2017, and should retail for US$299 (~RM1,200).

Source: Indiegogo