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ASUS' next smartwatch may not use Android Wear

By Ian Chee & Kenny Yeo - on 17 Feb 2015, 10:01am

ASUS' next smartwatch may not use Android Wear

The ASUS ZenWatch.

Launched last year at IFA 2014, ASUS' first smart watch, the ZenWatch, is based on the Android Wear platform. In our testing, we got about 18 hours of battery life from the watch, which is decent, but ASUS wants more.

According to reports from Taiwan, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has said that they will consider alternative mobile operating systems for its future smart watches in order to achieve longer battery life. He also added that their next non-Android smart watch could be powered by a MediaTek processor that is still under development.

ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih also said that the company's next smart watch could use a less powerful chipset and a different mobile operating system and could offer as much as 7 days of battery life.

At a launch event for the ZenWatch in Taipei on Christmas Eve last year, ASUS revealed that its second generation ZenWatch could be released in Q3 this year.

Source: Focus Taiwan