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ASUS announces ROG Pugio and Strix Evolve mice, Cerberus keyboard and headset

By Ian Chee - on 20 Sep 2017, 12:04pm

ASUS announces ROG Pugio and Strix Evolve mice, Cerberus keyboard and headset

If you’re looking for new gaming gear, then you’re in luck because ASUS has just announced four new peripherals, two of which are under the ROG banner.  They are the ROG Pugio and ROG Strix Evolve mice, the Cerberus RGB Mech keyboard, and the Cerberus V2 Green gaming headset.

The ROG Pugio. <br>Image source: ASUS.

Starting with the ROG Pugio, this is the mouse for the gamer who wants their gaming setup to also have the look to match the performance. It comes with ASUS Aura RGB lighting compatibility, which lets you customize the lighting effects of your gaming machine, and sync them with other peripherals and components with Aura RGB.  Its lighting zones are also separated into three, giving you more customizability. The optical sensor is one that boasts speeds of 7,200 DPI, which is certainly more than you’ll ever need, and it will also help you get the control needed for that sort of speed with the ambidextrous, yet ergonomic design that comes with two magnetic side buttons. It comes with a price tag of RM439.

The ROG Strix Evolve with its high-profile covers. <br>Image source: ASUS.

If you’d rather have more customizability, then perhaps the ROG Strix Evolve is what you’re looking for. It still has ASUS Aura RGB lighting, but only a single zone instead of three. It’s got the same 7,200 DPI sensor too, but the difference lies in the swappable top covers. You can swap between a low-profile cover and a high-profile one, based on your preferred hand position when holding the mouse. With this, you can even make it more ergonomic depending if you’re using it with your left or right hand. If you’re planning on getting one, then you’ll have to fork out RM369 for it.

The Cerberus RGB Mech. <br>Image source: ASUS.

On the keyboard side of things, we have the Cerberus RGB Mech. As the name suggests, it’s a mechanical keyboard, featuring Kaihua (Kailh) Red, Brown, Black, or Blue switches. It also sports all the extras that you’d expect from a gaming keyboard, like full anti-ghosting, a Windows key lock, and on-the-fly macro recording. The RGB lighting here also lets you come up with your own custom lighting effects, if you don’t fancy any of the standard modes. All this comes with a price tag of RM529.

The Cerberus V2 in Green. <br>Image source: ASUS.

And finally, there’s the Cerberus V2 gaming headset. We’ve actually talked about this in the past – and even reviewed the Red variant, but to recap, this is a gaming headset that boasts a pair of 53mm drivers, a self-adjusting headband with a stainless-steel frame, and two different sets of microphones. It’s supposed to come in three different colors, but ASUS is only bringing in the Green one for now. This will hit shelves with a RM309 price tag.

All four products will also come with a 24-month warranty that will entitle you to a one-to-one swap if you find anything wrong with your purchase. Terms and conditions apply, of course.

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