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ASUS announces its ROG GR8 II gaming mini PC

By John Law - on 7 Mar 2017, 10:40am

ASUS announces its ROG GR8 II gaming mini PC

The ASUS ROG GR8 II is a gaming mini PC that packs a rather solid punch.

In the market for a pre-built gaming mini PC? Then you’ll be happy to know that ASUS recently launched its new ROG GR8 II.

Despite its size, the GR8 II is a high-end desktop system that is packing the latest Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K CPU and a full-sized NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card (ASUS did not specify which GTX 1060 variant was used). Additionally, the machine is also packing 32GB of DDR4 RAM, thus allowing it to run all of the latest triple A titles at Full HD resolution without any issue.

It is also VR-friendly, sporting two HDMI ports to connect a VR headset and display simultaneously. In keeping with the trend, the GR8 II is also fitted with ASUS’ Aura Sync LEDs, allowing users to customize the way the machine lights up in the dark, be it through pulsating and oscillating lights, or just as a single, static RGB color.

The ASUS ROG GR8 II will be available for pre-orders beginning March 6, 2017 until March 12, 2017. It will retail at an SRP of RM5,499, with the pre-order price set at RM4,999. Gamers will have a choice between choosing a variant with an M.2 PCIe SSD, or a SATA SSD and 2.5-inch HDD for storage.

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