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ASUS’ AiProtection blocked close to five million internet threats in 1H 2016

By Peter Chu - on 2 Dec 2016, 5:01pm

ASUS’ AiProtection blocked close to five million internet threats in 1H 2016

If you are a proud owner of an ASUS router that has AiProtection built-in -- like the RT-AC88U or RT-AC5300, for example -- you should be delighted to know that apart from serving as the gateway to the internet, it has also been protecting you from malicious threats in the background.

In fact, ASUS says that its AiProtection network security software managed to neutralize close to five million internet-based threats, and blocked nearly 150 million websites that contained hidden security threats.

For the uninitiated, AiProtection is a router-based security software that is built upon technology developed by established antivirus company, Trend Micro. This includes a commercial-grade intrusion prevention system, which detects, blocks, and neutralizes security threats that might be lurking in home networks. AiProtection updates itself automatically and periodically, so you can rest assured that its protection capabilities are always up-to-date.

AiProtection also uses Trend Micro’s cloud-based Web Reputation Services (WRS) to intercept and crosscheck URL requests. If the URL is deemed to be malicious, it will be blocked to protect users from potential threats.

Because of its comprehensive range of security features, AiProtection will also be able to stop compromised Internet of Things (IoT) devices from transmitting personal information to malicious web servers.

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